Mikhail Prokopenko

Mikhail Prokopenko

Principal Research Scientist


PO Box 76
Epping NSW 1710

Tel: 61 2 9372 4716


  • Sensor Networks


  • Complex Systems Modelling
  • Health Diagnostics

Science Area

  • Machine Learning


Dr. Mikhail Prokopenko is a Principal Research Scientist, and Group Leader (Statistical Learning) in CSIRO Computational Informatics, Sydney, Australia. He has a strong international reputation in the areas of machine learning and complex self-organising systems, with more than 130 publications and patents, including edited books ("Guided Self-Organization: Inception", Springer, 2014; "Advances in Applied Self-organizing Systems", Springer, 2008; 2nd edition 2013 – the most downloaded book in Springer series on Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing), and about 50 journal articles and book chapters. He holds 9 Australian and international patents to his name, in distributed intelligent systems.

According to Google Scholar on 7 March 2014, Dr. Prokopenko’s h-index is 24, based on 1680 lifetime citations, of which 1194 citations are from the last 5 years.

Mikhail used his expertise in several important applications where pattern discovery, anomaly detection, and real-time situational diagnosis are required, e.g.:
• structural integrity monitoring (joint CSIRO – NASA project);
• intelligent power grids and minigrids (joint project between CSIRO and Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate);
• anomaly detection in underground coal mines (CSIRO Flagship “Minerals Down Under”);
• optimal sensor placement (research project with US Air Force Research Laboratory);
• modular robotic systems (strategic research with Doshisha University, Japan, and Max Planck Institute for The Sciences, Germany);
• detection of information transfer in directed biological networks (strategic research with University of Sydney and University of Hertfordshire, UK);
• detection of information structure between brain regions (strategic research with Bernstein Center on Computational Neuroscience, Germany);
• artificial immune systems for intrusion detection (joint CSIRO – Defence Signals Directorate project for The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia), etc.

Dr Prokopenko has co-organised and co-chaired the series of International Workshops on Guided Self-organisation (GSO). Some recent keynote talks at international venues include:
• The 2013 IEEE Symposium on Artificial Life (Singapore, 2013);
• The 3rd International Workshop on Computation in Cyber-Physical Systems (Mexico, 2012);
• The NeFF-Workshop on Non-linear and Model-free Interdependence Measures in Neuroscience (Germany, 2012);
• The 3rd International Workshop on Guided Self-Organisation (USA, 2010).

Dr. Prokopenko is an Adjunct Professor in Macquarie University.

Dr Prokopenko is a founding member of ARC Network on Complex Open Systems (COSNet), a member of IEEE Information Theory Society, International Societies for Adaptive Behavior (ISAB) and Artificial Life (ISAL), as well as a member of Advisory Board for Wiley book series on Nature Inspired Computing. He served as a guest editor of special issues on Guided Self-organisation in HFSP Journal (Human Frontiers Science Program, 2009), Theory in Biosciences (2011), Advances in Complex Systems (2012), Entropy (2014), a special issue on Complex Networks in Artificial Life (2011), and a section editor for Encyclopaedia of Machine Learning (Evolutionary Computation). He is the Specialty Chief Editor for Computational Intelligence, a section in Frontiers in Robotics and AI, in partnership with Nature Publishing Group (NPG).

Academic Qualifications

2002 PhD Macquarie University, Computer Science
1994 MA University of Missouri-Columbia, Economics
1988 MSc (Honours) Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, Applied Mathematics

Recent Professional Experience

2013- Group Leader, Statistical Learning, Computational Informatics
2011- Senior Science Specialist, Machine Learning, ICT Centre
2007- Team Leader, ICT Centre
2011- Project leader, Energy Recommender, Energy Transformed Flagship
2010 Project leader, Network Immunology Cyber Security
2009-2010 Project leader, Smart Grids, Energy Transformed Flagship
2005 Project leader ICT Centre, DISCOVERY: Distributed Intelligence, Sensing and Coordination in Variable Environments
2002-2005 Senior Research Scientist, ICT Centre/CIP/NASA, Ageless Aerospace Vehicles (AAV)
2003-2004 Project leader, ICT Centre/CSS, Directed self-Assembly in Multi-agent Networks (DAMAN), CSIRO Complex Systems Emerging Science
2001-2002 Project leader, CMIS, Adaptive and Interactive Mobile Systems, CMIS Chief's Special Project
1999-2001 Architecture/software design, CMIS/Canon/CISRA, Intelligent Networked Digital Appliances
1998-2003 Team leader and architecture/software design and development, CMIS, RoboCup Simulation
1997-1998 Software design and development, CMIS/Time and People Australia, Staff Optimisation and Rostering Toolkit
1995-1997 Software design and development, CMIS/Royal Australian Navy/IBM Global Services Australia, APLCRATES Expert System

Achievements & Awards

2011 CSIRO ICT Centre Chief Scientist’s Award (highest number of journal publications with impact factor)
2008 CSIRO ICT Centre Publishing Award, for scientific excellence and outstanding contributions both within the ICT Centre and to the international research community
2004 Most Innovative Technology, The 2004 AJB CEBIT Exhibition Award, Ageless Aerospace Vehicles
2003 Teamwork award, CSIRO Telecommunications and Industrial Physics Divisional Award to the Ageless Aerospace Vehicle (AAV) Team
2002 JSAI (Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence) award for scientific contribution to the RoboCup Simulation League
1998-2003 RoboCup Certificates for successful participation in the Simulation League competitions (team leader of the Cyberoos team)
- 3rd in Pacific Rim RoboCup series 1998 (Singapore, 10 teams);
- 4th in Euro RoboCup 2000 (Amsterdam, 14 teams);
- 3rd in RoboCup Australian Open 2003 (Sydney, 14 teams);
- 9th in RoboCup 2003 (Padua, 45 teams)
1994 Certificate of Recognition (Fulbright Association and the University of Missouri-Columbia, Edmund S. Muskie Fellow in a Fulbright Program of International Research and Cooperation, USA)
1992 Two-year Benjamin Franklin Fellowship Grant, USA

Other Highlights

2013- Adjunct Professor, Macquarie University
2012- Honorary Associate in the School of Physics, the University of Sydney
2006-2009 Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the University of New South Wales
2006-2009 Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Computing, Macquarie University (an adjunct position)
2004-2009 COSNet: Complex Open Systems ARC Network (a founding member)
Member of IEEE
Member of IEEE Information Theory Society
Member of the International Society for Adaptive Behavior (ISAB)


2009 Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, research grant (Information-driven Self-Organization and Complexity Measures)
2004 ARC Research Network Study, Energetically Open Systems
2004-2009 ARC Research Network, Complex Open Systems Network (COSNet)

Top 10 Publications

Publication details
M. Prokopenko, F. Boschetti, A. Ryan. An information-theoretic primer on complexity, self-organisation and emergence, Complexity, 15(1), 11-28, 2009
J. T. Lizier, M. Prokopenko, A. Y. Zomaya. Local information transfer as a spatiotemporal filter for complex systems. Phys. Rev. E 77, 026110, 2008
J. T. Lizier, M. Prokopenko, and A. Y. Zomaya, Information modification and particle collisions in distributed computation, Chaos, 20(3): 037109, 2010
M. Prokopenko, N. Ay, O. Obst and D. Polani, Phase Transitions in Least-Effort Communications, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2010(11): P11025, 2010
M. Piraveenan, M. Prokopenko, A. Y. Zomaya. Local assortativeness in scale-free networks, Europhysics Letters, 84, 28002, 2008
M. Prokopenko, V. Gerasimov, and I. Tanev, Evolving Spatiotemporal Coordination in a Modular Robotic System, in Nolfi, S., Baldassarre, G., Calabretta R., Hallam, J. C. T., Marocco, D., Meyer J.-A., Miglino, O., and Parisi, D., eds. From Animals to Animats 9: 9th International Conference on the Simulation of Adaptive Behavior (SAB 2006), Rome, Italy, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4095, 558-569, 2006
M. Piraveenan, M. Prokopenko, A. Y. Zomaya. Assortativeness and information in scale-free networks, European Physical Journal B, 67, 291–300, 2009
M. Prokopenko, P. Wang, D. C. Price, P. Valencia, M. Foreman, A. J. Farmer, Self-organizing Hierarchies in Sensor and Communication Networks, Artificial Life, Vol. 11(4), 407-426, 2005.
M. Prokopenko, P. Wang, M. Foreman, P. Valencia, D. C. Price, G. T. Poulton, On Connectivity of Reconfigurable Impact Networks in Ageless Aerospace Vehicles, Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 53(1), 36-58, 2005.
M. Foreman, M. Prokopenko, P. Wang, Phase Transitions in Self-organising Sensor Networks, In Banzhaf, W. and Christaller, T. and Dittrich, P. and Kim, J.T. and Ziegler, J., eds., Advances in Artificial Life - Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, vol. 2801, 781-791, Springer, 2003.

Number of citations

ISI 421
Google Scholar 1680