Michael Compton

Michael Compton

Research Scientist


Building 108, North Road, ANU Campus


  • Integrated Water Information Systems (IWIS)


  • Semantic Frameworks for Hydrological Sensor Webs

Science Area

  • Sensor Networks


Michael joined CSIRO in 2001. He worked as a software engineer in what is now the ICT Centre's Immersive Environments project, before taking leave to undertake a Ph.D. in the UK.

Since returning to CSIRO and joining the ICT Centre in 2006 he has worked in the Information Security and Privacy team in the pHealth and Sensor Networks themes, in the Data Services for Sensor Networks project in the Sensor Networks theme, and now works in the Semantic Frameworks for Hydrological Sensor Webs project in the IWIS theme

Michael is interested in the application of formal methods and logic to all areas of computer science.

Academic Qualifications

2007 Ph.D., University of Cambridge
2000 Bachelor of Information Technology, Australian National University (Hons)

Recent Professional Experience

2006-present ICT Centre, Canberra
2002-2005 Ph.D. Student, Cambridge, UK
2001-2002 Software Engineer VE Lab CMIS Canberra

Top 10 Publications

Publication details
Michael Compton, Corey Henson, Holger Neuhaus, Laurent Lefort and Amit Sheth, “A Survey of the Semantic Specification of Sensors”, 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks, at 8th International Semantic Web Conference, October 2009.
Michael Compton, Holger Neuhaus, Khoi-Nguyen Tran and Kerry Taylor, “Reasoning about Sensors and Compositions”, 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks, at 8th International Semantic Web Conference, October 2009.
Holger Neuhaus and Michael Compton, “The Semantic Sensor Network Ontology: A Generic Language to Describe Sensor Assets”, AGILE 2009 - Challenges in Geospatial Data Harmonisation, June 2009.
Michael Compton, “Finding Equivalent Rewritings with Exact Views”, 25th International Conference on Data Engineering, March 2009.
Michael Compton, Daiqin He, Kerry Taylor and Jian Yang, “Access Control: What is Required in Collaboration?”, in 20th Australasian Database Conference, January 2009.
Peter Lamb, Robert Power, Gavin Walker and Michael Compton, “Role-Based Access Control for Data Service Integration”, ACM Workshop On Secure Web Services, November 2006.
Michael Compton, “Embedding a fair CCS in Isabelle/HOL”, 18th International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics, Emerging Trends, August 2005.
Michael Compton, “Stenning's Protocol Implemented in UDP and Verified in Isabelle”, Computing: The Australasian Theory Symposium, January 2005.
Dan C. Popescu and Michael Compton, “A Model for Efficient and Accurate Interaction with Elastic Objects in Haptic Virtual Environments”, 1st International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and Southeast Asia, February 2003.
Michael Compton and Richard Walker, “A Run-time System for SCOOP”, Journal of Object Technology, 1(3), 2002.

Number of citations

Citeseer 11
Google Scholar 41