Mark Cameron

Mark Cameron

Research Team Leader, Streaming Data & Sensor Information Management; Project Leader NSTP


Building 108, North Road, ANU Campus

Tel: 61 2 6216 7035
Fax: 61 2 6216 7111


  • National Security Technology Partnerships


  • Emergency Situation Awareness from Automated Web Text Mining
  • Impacts Portal Pilot


Mark Cameron is a Research Team Leader and Project Leader with the CSIRO Information and Communication Technology Centre. He has been with CSIRO since 1991. Mark is currently leading a team developing a platform and tools to deliver situation awareness from near real-time social-media text streams. Mark has extensive experience in research and development of tools and platforms to enable automated information integration. These platforms have been used for Semantic-RFID; Maritime Situation Awareness; Ocean Observing; and Water Resource Management. Previous research areas include spatial databases, spatial information systems, spatial decision support systems, information integration and web-service composition planning. He has a PhD from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Australian National University. In 1997, Mark worked on secondment with the Tasmanian Department of Environment and Land Management developing the Integration Workbench, a spatial decision support system used during negotiations for the Tasmanian Regional Forests Agreement.

Academic Qualifications

2001 PhD Australian National University
1991 B. App. Sci. (Comp. Sci.) (Hons.) University of Technology Sydney

Recent Professional Experience

2010-Current Research Team Leader, Streaming Data & Sensor Information Management
2010-2010 Boeing Research & Technology Consultancy EPACC
2009-Current Project Leader, NSTP
2008-2010 Research Team Leader, ICT Semantics, ICT Centre
2008-2009 Boeing Phantom Works Consultancy EDKMS-VI
2007-2008 Boeing Phantom Works Consultancy EDKMS-V
2006-2007 Boeing Phantom Works Consultancy Semantic RFID-II
2005-2006 Boeing Phantom Works Consultancy Semantic RFID-I
2004-2005 Boeing Phantom Works Consultancy EDKMS-II
2004-2005 Emerging Science Project: Service Interaction Protocols
2003-2004 Boeing Phantom Works Consultancy EDKMS-I
2003 Health Data Integration Demonstration
2003 Health Data Integration Architecture
2001 iCAM Consultancy RIMIS
2000-2001 RTA Consultancy
1999-2000 IMROC Sydney’s Information Highway
1999 Queensland Spatial Information Infrastructure Strategy (QSIIS) Property Interests Product Prototype
1998-1999 Sydney Water Hydra5
1997 Tasmanian Department of Environment and Land Management (Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service) Integration Workbench
1996 Convergent Group Asia-Pacific Raster Map Manager

Achievements & Awards

2009 ICT Centre Inventors Award
2006 ICT Centre Partnering Excellence Award
2005 Best paper, International Workshop on Business Services Networks
2004 CSIRO ICT Centre Teamwork Award
2004 CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences Teamwork Award
2000 CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences Project Leader Award
1996 CSIRO Medal Interactive Spatial Information Systems Research

Summary of Science & Technical Output

Books/Book chapters 0
Journal 3
Refereed Conference/Workshop 19
Technical/Client Reports 10
Invited Presentations 1
Patents 0

Student Supervision

2008-2009 J. Thomson "Deriving Data Integration Plans in Description Logic", CSIRO Summer Vacation Studentship.
2007-2008 J. Thomson "Declarative program synthesis for the Web", CSIRO Summer Vacation Studentship.

Science Citizenship

2008 Co-Chair, 2nd International Workshop on RFID Technology - Concepts, Applications, Challenges, IWRT 2008, In conjunction with ICEIS, Barcelona, Spain, June 2008.
2007 Co-Chair, 1st International Workshop on RFID Technology - Concepts, Applications, Challenges, IWRT 2007, In conjunction with ICEIS, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, June 2007.
2009 PC Member, IEEE SCC 2009 International Conference on Services Computing
2008 PC Member, IEEE SCC 2008 International Conference on Services Computing

Top 10 Publications

Publication details
D.J. Abel, S.K. Yap, R, Ackland, M.A. Cameron, D.F. Smith and G. Walker, 1992, Environmental decision support system project: an exploration of alternative architectures for geographical information systems, International Journal of Geographical Information Systems, Taylor & Francis, 1992, 6, pp. 193-204
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