Laurent Lefort

Laurent Lefort

Senior Software Engineer


Bldg 108, North Rd ANU Campus ACTON ACT 2601

Tel: 61 2 6216 7046
Fax: 61 2 6216 7111


  • Sensors and Sensor Networks Transformational Capability Platform


  • Smart Farm, Open Internet of Things, Processing Informatics, Clinical Research Information Systems

Science Area

  • Semantic Data Management


I am an ontologist in the team working on the application of semantic web technologies to develop sensor networks for agriculture meteorology, biodiversity, water and climate change research, and to manage clinical and manufacturing data. My current research interests includes the design of ontologies (using the Web Ontology Language (OWL)), linked datasets, semantic mashups and their use in data-intensive research service infrastructures. I have also served as a co-chair for W3Cs Semantic Sensor Network Incubator activity (SSN XG) and as the W3C Australia Office manager.

Earlier in my career, I have worked on computer vision algorithms for industrial and research projects in ITMI, a startup company specialized in robotics, vision, and artificial intelligence and as a simulation software engineer in the radar division of Thales with the responsibility to implement a common discrete-vent based multi-sensor simulation infrastructure. In Thales, I have also been involved in DAFUSA, a data fusion project for Airport Ground Movement Surveillance and in the Air-Collaborative Decision Making-Demonstrator (A-CDM-D) project.

Academic Qualifications

1999 European Engineer, EUR ING, FEANI Brussels
1983 Engineering degree, Grenoble Institute of Technology (France), ENSIMAG: Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Recent Professional Experience

2010-2011 Senior Software Engineer, ICT Centre, Sensors and Sensor Networks Transformational Capability Platform
2008-2009 Senior Software Engineer, ICT Centre, Water Resources Observation Network (WRON) and Water Information Research and Development Alliance (WIRADA) projects
2003-2007 Senior Software Engineer, CMIS/ICT Centre, Boeing projects and Health Data Integration projects
2001-2002 Senior Software Engineer, CMIS, NSW RTA projects
1999-2000 Software Architect, Thales Air Traffic Management, Future Air Navigation Systems advanced projects / business development team (Thomfans)

Other Highlights

2011 Invited speaker at the OGC Standards for the Internet of Things workshop, Brussels
2010 Invited speaker at the Metadata Australia Conference, Canberra
2009 Guest programmer of the W3C track at Web Directions South
2008 Invited speaker at the Metadata Open Forum, Sydney
1996 Invited speaker at the Interproject Workshop on Airports, E.U. Commission DG VII, Brussels

Summary of Science & Technical Output

Books/Book chapters 0
Journal 2
Refereed Conference/Workshop 12
Technical/Client Reports 26
Invited Presentations 3
Patents 0

Science Citizenship

2013 Co-chair (Pattern track) of 4th Workshop on Ontology and Semantic Web Patterns (WOP) 2013
2013 - PC member of 1st International Workshop on Semantic Statistics (SemStats)
2011-2013 PC member of Semantic Sensor Network Workshop: SSN 2011, SSN 2012, SSN 2013 (program)
2007-2012 PC member of Australian Ontology Workshop: AOW 2007, KROW (Knowledge Representation Ontology Workshop) 2008, AOW 2009, AOW 2010, AOW 2011 and AOW 2012
2009 PC member of the Workshop on Sensor Web Enablement (SWE2009)
2010, 2012 PC member of European Semantic Web Conference


Publication details
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