Arkady Zaslavsky

Arkady Zaslavsky

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Science Leader in Semantic Data Management


Computer and Information Technology Building (Building 108),
Australian National University,
North Road Acton ACT 2601, Australia

GPO Box 664, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

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  • OpenIoT
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Science Area

  • Semantic Data Management


Dr Zaslavsky is the Science Leader of the Semantic Data Management science area. Before coming to CSIRO in July 2011, he held a position of a Chaired Professor in Pervasive and Mobile Computing at Luleć University of Technology, Sweden where he was involved in a number of European research projects, collaborative projects with Ericsson Research, PhD supervision and postgraduate education. Between 1992 and 2008 Arkady was a full-time academic staff member at Monash University, Australia, where he held various academic and administrative positions including Director of Monash Research Centre for Distributed Systems and Software Engineering, Director of Monash CoolCampus initiative that brought together pervasive computing researchers with university users. He was a Principal Investigator at CRC DSTC (Distributed Systems Technology Centre) leading and contributing to the DSTC project “M3: Enterprise Architecture for Mobile computations”. He led and was involved in a number of research projects funded by ARC (ARC Discovery and Linkage) and industry, both at national and international level, totalling in support more than AU$ 12,000,000. He chaired and organised many international workshops and conferences, including Mobile Data Management, Pervasive Services, Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia and others. Arkady made internationally recognised contribution in the area of disconnected transaction management and replication in mobile computing environments, context-awareness as well as in mobile agents. He made significant internationally recognised contributions in the areas of data stream mining on mobile devices, adaptive mobile computing systems, ad-hoc mobile networks, efficiency and reliability of mobile computing systems, mobile agents and mobile file systems. Arkady received MSc in Applied Mathematics majoring in Computer Science from Tbilisi State University (Georgia, USSR) in 1976 and PhD in Computer Science from the Moscow Institute for Control Sciences (IPU-IAT), USSR Academy of Sciences in 1987. Before coming to Australia in 1991, Arkady worked in various research positions at industrial R&D labs as well as at the Institute for Computational Mathematics of Georgian Academy of Sciences where he lead a systems software research laboratory. Arkady Zaslavsky has published more than 300 research publications throughout his professional career and supervised to completion more than 30 PhD students.

Academic Qualifications

1987 PhD, Doctor of Philosophy (1987) in Computer Science awarded from the Georgian Academy of Sciences (Georgia, USSR). PhD thesis: "Research and Development of Principles for Computer-Aided Database Design". PhD course in Computer Science at Moscow Institute for Control Sciences (MICS/IPU-IAT) at the USSR Academy of Sciences
1976 Master of Science with Honours (1976) in Applied Mathematics with major in Computer Science from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, Tbilisi State University, Georgia, USSR.

Recent Professional Experience

2008-2011 Chaired Professor in Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Luleć University of Technology, Sweden
1992-2008 Associate Professor, Faculty of IT, Monash University
2007-2009 Director, Monash University Centre for Distributed Systems and Software Engineering

Achievements & Awards

2011 Best Paper Award: Boytsov, A.; Zaslavsky, A.; , "From Sensory Data to Situation Awareness: Enhanced Context Spaces Theory Approach," PICOM’2011 Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing (DASC), 2011 IEEE Ninth International Conference on, pp.207-214, 12-14 Dec. 2011; doi: 10.1109/DASC.2011.55
2010 Best Paper award, 23rd International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems (IEA-AIE 2010), Cordoba, Spain
2009 Best paper award, IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Services (ICPS 2009), London, UK
2005 Best paper award nominee and certificate, 18th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2005, Bari, Italy

Other Highlights

2011- Research Professor at Luleć University of Technology, Sweden
2011- Adjunct Professor at Australian National University
2010- Visiting Professor at StPetersburg National Research University of IT, Mechanics and Optics, Russia
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Summary of Science & Technical Output

Books/Book chapters 28
Journal 31
Refereed Conference/Workshop 284
Technical/Client Reports 0
Invited Presentations 59
Patents 0


2011 EU FP7 STREP WATTALYST: Modelling and Analysing Demand Response Systems
2011 EU KOLARCTIC KOLARCTIC IT Education, Networking,Partnering, Innovation (Sweden, Norway, Finland, NW Russia)
2010 VINNOVA, Sweden User-driven development and composition of mobile services
2008 ARC Discovery "Adaptive data stream processing in heterogeneous distributed computing environments using real-time context"
2009 Australian-German Joint Research Cooperation Grant "Context-Aware Smart Robots for Ambient Assisted Living Environments"
2006 ARC Linkage "Context-aware mobile decision support systems for medical emergency management in mass gatherings"
2006 VINNOVA and Regional, Sweden "Global connectivity and adaptive multihome mobility protocols"
2005 ARC Linkage "Designing an Efficient and Scalable Infrastructure for Mobile Web Services"
2003 ARC Discovery "Efficient Prediction of Application Metrics for E-Services"
2003 HP PhD Endowment "ContextExplorers: mobile agents for run-time context discovery, validation and verification"
2003 CISCO Equipment grant for wireless, pervasive, VoIP and multimedia research infrastructure
2003 EU GSRT Collaboration with University of Ioanina, Greece, Data Engineering for Pervasive Computing (DECA)
2002 ARC Linkage "Context-rich mobile agent technology to support information needs of financial institutions"
2002 Monash Coolcampus Initiative and Pervasive Computing Research Infrastructure
2000 CRC DSTC "M3: Enterprise Architecture for Mobile Computation"

Student Supervision

current C.Perera, PhD, "Context-aware semantic filtering of sensor information in IoT applications", ANU
current A.Boytsov, PhD, "Context prediction and proactive adaptation in pervasive computing", Luleć University of Technology
current J.Rana, PhD, "Strengths of interactions in social networks", Luleć University of Technology
2012 K.Gunasekera, PhD, "Compositionally Adaptive Context-Driven Mobile Software Agents for Pervasive Environments:, Monash University
2011 W.Wibisono, PhD, "A Distributed Framework of Context Management and Situation Reasoning for Ubiquitous Applications in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Environments", Monash University
current P.Raphipan, PhD, "Context based Travel time estimation in ITS", Monash University
current K.Mitra, PhD, "Proactive Context-aware Mobility Support in Heterogeneous Access Networks", Monash University
current S.Saguna, PhD, "Activity infused presence detection and Dissemination in Next Generation Social Interaction Tools", Monash University
current E.Kaiser, PhD, "Simultaneous localization and Mapping for Visually Impaired and Blind People", University of Bremen
2011 Y-B Kang, PhD, "USIMSCAR: A Retrieval Strategy for Case-Based Reasoning Using a Combination of Similarity and Association Knowledge", Monash University
2011 P.Jayaraman, PhD, "Cost-Efficient Collection and Delivery of Sensor Data using Mobile Devices:, Monash University
2011 A.Rieger, PhD, "Ubiquitous Services in Smart Home Environments", Technical University of Berlin
2010 P.Delir, PhD, "Situation and Resource-Aware Adaptation for Ubiquitous Data Stream Mining", Monash University
2009 O.Alahakoon, PhD, "Intelligent User Modeling and User Adapted Interactions for eCommerce Consumers", Monash University
2009 R.Edirisinghe, PhD, "Context Aware Cross-layer Architecture for Real-time Wireless Local Area Networking". Monash University
2007 E.Siukur, PhD, "Mobile Hanging Services: Modelling, Implementation, and Methodology for Context-Aware Regulated Service", Monash University
2007 G.Jayaputera, PhD, "eHermes: Development and Run-Time Support for Mission-Based Multiagent Systems", Monash University
2007 D.(I Made)Pratistha, PhD, "Fluid: A Flexible and Nomadic Web Service Infrastructure", Monash University
2007 R.Brännström, PhD, "Mobility management in heterogeneous access networks", Luleć University of Technology
2006 J.Page, PhD, "An Integrated Security Framework for Mobile Agent Communities", Monash University
2006 A.Padovitz, PhD, "Context Management and Reasoning about Situations in Pervasive Computing", Monash University
2006 M.Gaber, PhD, "Adaptive Mining of Data Streams in Resource Constrained Environments", Monash Univresity
2005 C.Ćhlund, PhD, "Extended Mobile IP and support for Global Connectivity in Hybrid Networks", Luleć University of Technology
2004 J.Tan, PhD, "Using domain-specific metamodels for semi-automated schema mapping", Monash University
2003 S.Cuce, PhD, "GLOMAR: A Component Based Framework for Maintaining Consistency of Data Objects within a Heterogeneous Distributed File System", Monash University
2002 K.Monostori, PhD, "Efficient Computational Approach to Identifying Overlapping Documents in Large Digital Collections:, Monash University
2002 S.Krishnaswamy, PhD, "A Hybrid Model for Delivering Internet-based Distributed Data Mining Services", Monash University
1993-2001 more than 12 PhD and Masters Research students supervised

Science Citizenship

Professional Societies
Senior Member of ACM
Member of IEEE Computer and Communications Societies
2011- IEEE Computing Now - Regional editor for Australia
2009-present Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Next Generation Computing
2001-2009 Editorial Board Member, Computer Communications, Elsevier Publishing
2001-2005 Editorial Board Member, Information and Software Technology, Elsevier Publishing
1999-2009 Editorial Board Member, IEEE Distributed Systems Online
2009 Guest Editor, IEEE Multimedia
2004 Guest Editor, ACM/Kluwer "Mobile networks and applications"
2003 Guest Editor, IEEE Distributed Systems Online
2003-present Steering Committee Chair for IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management
2011 General Chair, IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management, Lulea, Sweden
2010 General Chair, ACM International Conference on Pervasive Services, Berlin
2005 General Chair, MobiDE,Fourth International ACM Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access
2003 General Chair, International Conference on Mobile Data Management, Melbourne
2008 PC Chair, ACM Mobile & Ubiqiuitous Multimedia, Umea, Sweden
2006 PC Chair, Mobiquitous, San Jose
2005 PC Chair, International Conference on Mobile Data Management, Nicosia, Cyprus
2000-2005 PC Chair of workshop series "Mobility in Databases and Distributed Systems" at DEXA conferences
2000-2011 PC member in over 70 international conferences, including ACM SIGMOD, DASFAA, MDM, COOPIS, ACM SAC, ICPS, AMOC, DEXA, EDBT, ICSOC, PerCom, PerSys, etc

Top 10 Publications

Publication details
Padovitz, A., Loke, S., Zaslavsky, A., & Burg, B. (2007). 'Verification of uncertain context based on a theory of context spaces'. International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications, 3(1), 30-56. This paper discussed in detail pioneering contribution of discovered context validation and reasoning within the proposed Context Spaces (CS) theory
Padovitz, A., Loke, S., & Zaslavsky, A. (2008). 'Multiple-agent perspectives in reasoning about situations for context-aware pervasive computing systems'. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (Part A), 38(4), 729-742
Jayaputera, G., Zaslavsky, A., & Loke, S. (2007). 'Enabling run-time composition and support for heterogeneous pervasive multi-agent systems'. The Journal of Systems and Software, 80(12), 2039-2062.
Gaber, M. M., Zaslavsky, A., & Krishnaswamy, S. (2005). 'Mining data streams: A review'. SIGMOD Record, 34(2), 18-26.
Krishnaswamy, S., Loke, S., & Zaslavsky, A. (2004). 'A hybrid model for improving response time in distributed data mining'. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (Part B), 34(6), 2466-2479.
Boytsov, A., Zaslavsky, A. Formal Verification of Context and Situation Models in Pervasive Computing”, “Pervasive and mobile computing"(PMC), Received 30 April 2011. Revised 12 December 2011. Accepted 1 March 2012. Available online 23 March 2012.
Padovitz, A., Zaslavsky, A., Loke, S., & Tosic, M. (2004). 'Agent communication using publish-subscribe genre: Architecture, mobility, scalability and applications'. Annals of Mathematics, Computing & Teleinformatics, 1(2), 35-50.
Ahlund, C., & Zaslavsky, A. (2003). 'Extending Global IP Connectivity for Ad Hoc Networks'. Telecommunication Systems: Modelling, Analysis, Design and Management, 24(2-4), 221-250.
Cuce, S., & Zaslavsky, A. (2003). 'Supporting multiple consistency models within a mobility enabled file system using a component based framework'. Mobile Networks and Applications, 8(4), 317-326.
Yeo, L. H., & Zaslavsky, A. (1994). 'Submission of transactions from mobile computers in a cooperative multi-database processing environment'. In Proceedings of the IEEE/CS 14th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS’94), Poland. Pioneering publication that was among the first to introduce the concept of mobile transactions and is frequently cited

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Google Scholar 2480