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Undergraduate Scholarships in ICT

The ICT Centre has provided funding for CSIRO undergraduate scholarships with six universities:

  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of New South Wales
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Macquarie University
  • The Australian National University
  • The University of Queensland
  • Queensland University of Technology

Students awarded this scholarship will participate in projects that CSIRO and the University mutually agree on, with CSIRO co-supervising the student projects.

Project Examples

  1. Field Trial of Rain Measuring Instruments (Disdrometers) for Millimetre-wave Propagation Study (Marsfield, NSW)
  2. Peer-to-Peer Tracing Algorithm Implementation in a Networked RFID Environment (Canberra)
  3. Interactive control of image display in medical images visualization (E-Health Research Centre, Brisbane)
  4. Adaptive Wireless Sphere Decoder Implementation (Marsfield, NSW)
  5. Ad Hoc Protocols for Cooperative Localisation (Marsfield, NSW)
  6. Fast techniques in computational electromagnetics: Domain decomposition and order reduction (Marsfield, NSW)
  7. Ambient User Control Interface for Virtual Media Office (Marsfield, NSW)
  8. Industrial robot navigation using a 3D graphical model of a building site (QCAT, Brisbane)
  9. Adaptive Information Retrieval Evaluation (Canberra)
  10. Characterisation of a High Electron Mobility Transistors up to 50 GHz (Marsfield, NSW)
  11. Secure Wireless Sensor Networks with Dynamic Cryptographic Keys (Marsfield, NSW)
  12. An ontology extraction and modularization tool (Canberra)
  13. An evaluation of open source options for real-time and embedded systems (QCAT, Brisbane)

Scholarship Contacts

Interested students should apply directly to the contacts below.

University Contact Position Phone Fax Email
Sydney University Mr Warwick Dawson Director, Research Office 02 9351 4472 02 9351 8019
University of Technology, Sydney (1) Prof. Hung Nguyen (Eng)
(1) Associate Dean (Research and Development) Mechatronics and Intelligent Systems 02 9514 2451
02 9514 2868
(2) Prof. Tom Hintz (IT) (2) Associate Dean (Research, Policy and Planning) IT 02 9514 1865 02 9514 4535
University of New South Wales (1) Prof. Paul Compton (CS)(1) School of Computer Science & Engineering02 9385 551802 9385
(2) A/Professor Tim Hesketh (Eng) (2) School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications 02 9385 4009 02 9385 6743
Australian National University (1) Prof. John Richards (Eng) (1) College Convenor, College of Engineering and Computer Science 02 6125 8807
(2) Prof. Tom Geodeon (IT)  (2) Associate Director, Education, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering and Computer Science 02 6125 1052 02 6125 0010
Queensland University Dr Andrew Bradley  Acting Director, Research Higher Degrees, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering 07 3365 3284 07 3365 3684
Queensland University of Technology Prof. Rod Wissler Dean of Graduate Studies, Division of Research and Commercialisation  07 3864 1303 07 3864 1304
Macquarie University TBA